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The rise of the office dog

The rise of the office dog

The office dog is making its advance into companies worldwide as a means to avoid stress and burn-outs. A noble initiative, we believe, but why get a dog if you know that some extra greenery in the office space can help you attain the same results?

So, what exactly are these advantages? Here are 6:

  1. Plants reduce stress and help improve productivity

  2. Plants help create a healthy work atmosphere

  3. Absenteeism drops in offices with greenery

  4. Greenery helps you build the right corporate identity

  5. Plants significantly improve the air quality in the office

  6. They are low maintenance and above all, beautiful

David & Dupont can help you turn your bland office into a urban jungle. Make an appointment and we will pop by and give you free advice.

Once you decide on style and budget David & Dupont sources the finest quality greenery for you and delivers it at your door.

One fine example is the company Gravelart, situated in Zedelgem, Belgium, who worked with us to turn their beautiful and brand new office building into something where people love working. We handpicked an assortment of large indoor plants to fill up the large space. Instant result: people passing the plants can’t resist touching them.

"Ladies Accessorize" event!

"Ladies Accessorize" event!